Fox News


Fox News is an American television channel that broadcasts English news and news in the United States and worldwide. The channel is owned by Fox, and is a subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch News Corporation. The channel broadcasts mainly from the studios in New York.

The news network has become more and more prominent towards the millennium, gnawing at CNN's watch percentage. Since 2002, the channel has been ranked first in terms of percentages of all cable TV news channels in the United States. Despite being the most-watched news channel across the United States, Fox News is considered by many to be a channel that advocates conservative values ​​and the Republican Party's tone. The channel denies any allegation of bias in its news reports and claims that the rest of the media is the one politically inclined (left). The channel's slogan is: "Fox News - Fair and Balanced", another channel's slogan is: "We Report, You Decide" ("We Report, You Decide").

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