History Channel


The History Channel is an American television channel that deals with knowledge and enrichment, specializing in historical events and processes. Some programs incorporate interviews with historians, field testimonies and advanced computer technology that enable the reconstruction of past events.

Over the years, the History Channel has broadcast numerous productions that utilize state-of-the-art CGI animation that recreates historical battles. In addition, the channel also presents series that follow the history of the animal world, such as "Evolution: Survivor Battle" and "Dinosaurs - The Last Battle," alongside religious, physics, astronomy and ecology series.

Military History

As part of the International History Channel broadcast, A&E began broadcasting a special history channel in the United States. This channel specializes in programs that cover the great moments of historical battles along with biographies of soldiers, military, spies and soldiers. As part of the launch of the channel, the History Channel has launched a selection of new source programs that give viewers an overview of historical battles through advanced technology, restoring the military and strategic moves on the battlefield. These programs have also been integrated into the broadcast schedule of regular history channels around the world. Among the programs that were successful on the channel: "300: The Last Battle", "The Greatest Air Battles in History", "Fire on the Water" and "The Black Warriors in D Day" and more - which were also broadcast on the Israeli History Channel.

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