HTV 10


HTV10 KFOL-KJUN of Folse Productions, Inc. was founded by Martin Folse in 1985. From then to now, HTV has grown from a one-man operation to a well-respected television station that thrives on the support of the local community. With well-rounded and experienced hosts, an avid and committed administrative staff, an innovative production team and finally, a passionate and driven leader, HTV upholds a standard of engaging, honest and accurate news for all its viewers. While we at HTV have an obligation to report everything within our area, it is of the utmost importance to us to keep our news station (and stories) positive and uplifting.

Martin Folse made a promise to his grandmother many years ago to always encompass God on his channel and has retained that promise by including various religious programs that consistently bestow an inspiring message. Our primary focus is to provide local and informative stories and put a spotlight on the people who have made and continue to make a difference in our neighboring towns. We highlight the community’s events, political changes, athletic and scholastic student experiences in addition to in-depth hurricane coverage focused on our surrounding area. HTV10 gives you the opportunity to be informed, updated and involved in everything our community has to offer.

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