Sunny Bunnies


Sunny Bunnies are fantastic creatures, who live on the Sun. They can fly through a secret door into the Earth with the help of sun rays. Before they leave their hot climate, they put on colourful warm coats made of sunny fur to keep them warm. The Bunnies can appear everywhere where there is a light, and if the dark falls, anything from the moonlight to the light of the stars to even a candle light is enough to bring them to life.

Sunny Bunnies are full of joy, and any dull matter they happen to come across is turned into an exciting game, and any place they happen to be at into a playground. Wherever they appear – park, stadium or circus – the Bunnies find something to do straight away and make it fun. The Bunnies can laugh at each other and make jokes with each other, but they are always ready to lend a hand. They quite often end up in ridiculous and funny situations, but always find a solution to the most difficult of problems – all thanks to the team spirit. When the game is over they come back home, to the Sun. That being said, these restless creatures can't stay still for long and pretty soon they set off on their travels again, going to new places and turning new adventures into fun-filled games.

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